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Jan, 2020


Parchment Little League Information

Lower Field Renovation Project

We have raised our goal of $30,000 to create a Junior field which has been constructed.   There is more to do (dugouts) before it is complete, so we are still looking for donations.  With that said, we are reaching out to various sources for grants and donations.  If you know someone or a company that would be interested in helping us reach our goal, please let Dodi know ([email protected]).

Banners on Fields

Any company who would like to hang a banner on the field(s), we are happy to do so. I love the fields full of banners and community pride. If a company wants to hang a banner they need to provide the banner and we would love a donation to the lower field. We are not setting the amount. Please spread the word and let’s cover all four fields in community banners.

Local Sponsors